The Original Monkey Cord!!!  MonkeyCord_Index_reduced


Tired of your cords twisting and tangling?

Want to stop your tools from tangling together?

Tired of grabbing one tool and having all of them come with it?

With The Original Monkey Cord ™ you can STOP the jungle of tangled cords! And color code your tools with your favorite color so yours no longer get mixed up with the other technicians in your shop! The Original Monkey Cord™ also helps prevent your cords from breaking, eliminating expensive repairs or the need to even purchase new tools.

The Original Monkey Cord™ can be used on any of the cords that give you trouble including, but not limited to ….Blow Dryers, Flat Irons, Curling Irons, Clippers, and Trimmers!






    Original Pink Monkey Cord   Original Purple Monkey Cord

    Original Blue Monkey Cord   Original Silver Monkey Cord   Original Black Monkey Cord